Cartridge store

Our Cartridge Store is main stockists of Lyalvale Express and Gamebore catridges and buy around 50,000 cartridges a month!

Whether it be game catridges, fibre wad, palstic wad or steel cartridges you are after, simply drop us an email at and we will endeavor to help you purchase them at a good rate!

Lyalvale Express

Most popular listed below

Super Comp

shot size: 7.5, weight: 28gms Velocity: 1450fps

Super light

shot size: 7.5, weight: 21gms Velocity: 1400fps

English sporter

shot size: 7.5, weight: 28gms Velocity: 1350fps

Power blue

shot size: 7.5, weight: 28gms Velocity: 1450fps


Most popular listed below


shot size: 7.5, weight: 28gms Velocity: 1400fps


shot size: 7.5 & 8, weight: 24 & 28gms Velocity: 1420fps

Black gold

shot size: 6.5, weight: 28gms Velocity: 1500fps



Our cartridge store can be found at reception in our clubhouse. When collecting cartridges please ensure you have your certificate with you to take them off site. 

For shooting in our woodland range - we accept plastic wad, however not all shooting ranges do and for steel cartridges not all guns are able to shoot this - please check both prior to purchasing. 

If you have a large order we will sort out a location for you to collect these. 


Looking to practice your shooting?

Any questions remaining about cartridges you can email us at to seek further clarification and help!