Clay shooting - certificate holders

Pay & shoot prices

Clays released 30p per clay
Groups of 6+ people 27p per clay
Shotgun hire £10.00
Catridges From £5.00
Ear defenders & glasses £1.00 each
Flush 25p per clay
Scottish schools competition 2017

Scottish schools competition 2017

General information

Pay & shoot opening times


Regular shooter?

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Checking in

You are required to report to the Cluny reception prior to commencing shooting.

You will be asked to provide some basic contact information & you will need your shotgun certificate.

From here, you’ll receive your clay shooting counter tag, this should be used at each stand to release clays. Fancy a bite to eat or a coffee? Food and beverage purchases can be added to your counter card.

Please note, maximum number of shooters per certificate is 5.

Not got a certificate?

The packages below are suitable for you!

Clay Targets

The shooting wood is packed with lots of different targets to suit every ability of shooter. Targets include going away, teals, crossers, bolting rabbits and a selection of 20ft to 70ft driven targets.

For all those with a valid shotgun certificate pay & shoot is the thing for you. Choose from 18-sporting clay stands throughout the wood, with targets changing monthly throughout the wood. All traps can be operated as a solo shooter with a set time delay for each target or the report pair.

Also, here at Cluny we have a national skeet, Olympic skeet layout and DTL layout that can all be operated from a solo shooter voice release box or the button. These must be booked out per hour slots as in high demand.

If you fancy a little competition, we host numerous members shoots throughout the season. For more information on our club shoots click here.


With the increases of semi-automatic shotguns being used for clay shooting, we must stress the safety requirements.

  • There must NEVER be more than 2 cartridges in the gun at any time
  • The bolt must be open when walking between stands. Even better, a flag to show it is empty
  • Always carry the gun with the barrels pointing to the sky and the OPEN bolt facing outwards
  • Dispensed cartridges must be collected after shooting and placed in bins provided

Failure to follow safety rules will be reported.