Clay shooting experiences

See below for a list of our extraordinary Clay shooting experiences!

If the person you are booking for already has a shotgun certificate click here for a money value voucher - they can use this on there clays, a lesson and/or cartridges to cover the cost! Click here for how it works if you are a certificate holder.

Looking to buy your own shotgun/equipment? Click here for the Cluny Country Store.

They've been hinting they wan't to try clay shooting? Relax, as we provide all the equipment and enjoy your day all that is left to do is...

Choose from our 10 shot, 20 shot and 40 shot and Target sports packages listed below:

10 shots - £26.00

Perfect for a complete beginner or those aged 10-15 years - allow 30 mins.

20 shots - £47.00

Perfect for a beginner aged 15+ - allow 1 hour.

40 shots - £65.00

Perfect for those with experience of clay shooting and aged 15+ - allow 1.5 hours.

Target sports - £65.00

A combination of our 10 shot clay shooting, archery taster and air rifle taster packages - allow 2 hours.

Please click the relevant experience you wish to purchase and view our available dates:

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