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Natural Play - For ages 5 to 11

Natural Play for schools

At Cluny Natural Play means: "allowing youngsters to follow their own instincts, ideas and interests, in their own way and for their own reasons."
At Cluny, the Adventure Park is perfect for primary schools and designed and set up to follow Natural Play principles. There is the usual play park facilities, but the Adventure Park lends itself to exploring, climbing, building, creativity and active safe play.
Combine exciting and exhilarating activities including zip wires, pedal karting and slides with self-organised play and games for an affordable and enjoyable excursion in a natural environment.

Pricing per child Peak times (June- August)
Adventure Park Only - £6.00
Adventure Park and Golf* - £6.50
Adventure Park and 9 holes of FootGolf - £8.50
Adventure Park, Golf* and 9 holes of FootGolf - £9.00

* 10 balls per child and clubs to use at our driving range

Bags and lunches:
Our Adventure Park has lots of space and picnic tables to enjoy a snack, however, should you like a room to store bags, take a shelter from a shower or eat, this can be made available for you. We're afraid this is £30 which covers the setting up and cleaning down.


Natural Play

Natural Play

Cluny's large outdoor Adventure Park is here to be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages.

Makes learning fun, active & extraordinary

Active learning - For 10 yrs+

£22.50 pp

"Cluny's active learning package offers access activities they wouldn't otherwise be able to, encouraging them to choose to be active whilst learning"

Give your pupils an experience to remember for a lifetime. Integrating learning with fun experiences, encourage learning with fun, and provide relevance and depth to your school curriculum in ways that are difficult to achieve within school. 

Active learning:

Cluny's active learning package makes our activities accessible to kids aged 10 and over (*7 stone and over)

Makes learning fun, active & extraordinary

Includes segways, archery, golf and adventure play

Rifles can be added to this package for an additional £5 pp

Active learning

Active learning

Fresh air & excercise - Footgolf

From £8.50 pp

All you need is a pair of trainers and a ball.

Our 18 hole Footgolf course is Scotland's 6th and Fifes 1st! This fantastic new hybrid sport combines the best of both football and golf to make for the ultimate fun day out!

The object is to complete the course in as few kicks as possible.

Set on our popular golf course: available between 1-3pm daily.

Suitable for all ages.