Footgolf group packages

We say a group is... 

Work colleagues,  football and other clubs, stag parties, hen parties and  families who have at least 10 people wanting to take part.
Tee of times are open from 1pm daily and booking a time is essential.
Cluny has two footgolf courses:
The Big Course, 2099 yards,  18 holes, par  71, and
The Wee Course, 590 yards, 9 holes, par 36, and a round takes 30 to 45 minutes


Package prices

Something to eat before or after your game?

All groups are welcome to enjoy the facilities of the Cluny Clubhouse where they will find a coffee and snack shop, a licensed bar,  and restaurant.
The Clubhouse provides good fresh food  for all ages and eating or having a drink after the game is "the norm". 

It's easy to reserve a table, some groups order after they return their footballs, others order before they start.
If you're considering something to  eat before, or after your game, have a peek at the menus.

Kids menu

Breakfast, snack and restaurant menus

About the courses and play:

Footgolfers playing as part of a group are provided with kick-off times with a maximum of 5 players starting at any time.
Trainers, walking boots or walking shoes are the recommended footwear and football boots are not allowed.
18 holes on the Big Course should take 1.5 to 2 hours but it depends on kicking ability, the number of people on the course, age, weather,etc, etc.
9 holes on the Wee Course should take 35 to 45 minutes and is recommended for youngsters and "non-footballers".
Groups should arrive at least 15 minutes before their kick-off time to collect their scorecards, markers and balls if required.

Event Coordinator will welcome you, explain the rules and discuss your scoring format.

Competition and scoring:
Groups should consider how they want to score. ( remember to bring a pen or pencil)
Individually or  as a team?
Strokeplay?  Every kick is counted and marked for the complete round. The lowest score for the round wins.
Matchplay?  Kicks per hole are counted. The player with the lowest number per hole wins the hole. The player or team winning the most holes wins the match.
Handicaps can be considered. Footballers can "give shots ( kicks)" to non footballers. Adult males  can give shots to youngsters and ladies.
Handicap suggestions: 1 shot on a par 4 and 2 on a par 5. Or 1 shot on alternate par 4 and 2 on alternate par 5's

Rememeber to: Return your scorecards and footballs and head to our 19th hole for the results and player re-hydration.